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In the fast-paced world, competition among businesses is higher than ever before. With so many marketing tools such as cold calling, email marketing, contextual advertising, or social media marketing, it can still be challenging for companies to stand out from the crowd. This is where animation video production come in.

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Tell your brand story

With animation video production, you can develop a visual representation of your company's mission and values. Amusing video can help your audience better catch who you are and what you stand for, making it easier for them to connect with your organization.

Simplify complex concepts

Animation can be a useful tool for firms that offer products or services challenging to explain. Videos can break down tricky concepts into more straightforward parts, allowing persons to figure out your idea more easily and quickly.

Engage viewers

Animated videos can capture attention and keep people interested in a way that traditional marketing materials cannot. By using animation to illustrate your message, you can make it catchy and easy to comprehend.

Expand your reach

In today's social media-driven world, people should generate engaging content users want to share. Animated videos are an ideal solution for this, as they are often entertaining and informative, which makes them highly shareable and perfect for enlarging the community.

Animation video Production services we provide

Lemons Studio provides a variety of animation video production services that can help you build brand awareness, boost sales and conversions, increase engagement, and achieve many other goals. Our skilled designers and animators work diligently to produce visually impressive videos that effectively convey the message and win your customers. Among the types of videos we specialize in 2D and 3D animation videos, corporate videos, explainer videos, promotional videos, and more.

About Lemons animation studio

Lemons Studio is an animated video production company with a crew of passionate and creative heads dedicated to bringing your ideas to life through the power of animation. Since our launch in 2014, we have been creating top-notch animation for clients from various industries to help them complete their objectives.

Lemons animation studio is an award-winning video production company creating extraordinary video content that helps businesses shine and evoke emotions in viewers. We have partnered with companies such as Google, Near, Nasdaq, Wargaming, Solana, 1inch, Joom, and many other market leaders.

Our animated video company covers the full cycle of the production process of animation. We start by getting to know your company, so we can write a script that tells your story and resonates with your potential buyers. Then, we get to work on bringing your story to life with dynamic animations and stunning visuals.

Lemons is your creative assistant focused on impressing the public, explaining intricate things, and helping you attain your marketing aims with colorful videos.

Let's cooperate to create something amazing!

Lemons team

Founder of Lemons Andrew Kozik

Andrew Kozik

Founder of Lemons

Creative Animation Strategist  Vlad Davidovich

Vlad Davidovich

Creative Animation Strategist

Creative Animation Strategist Alina Prilskaya

Alina Prilskaya

Creative Animation Strategist

Art Director Victor Pashchenko

Victor Pashchenko

Art Director

Founder of Lemons, Creative Animation Strategist Vlad Gindin

Vlad Gindin

Founder of Lemons, Creative Animation Strategist


trusted by leaders

No. Not all our clients are big names. But, they all get the same treatment.

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Clients’ testimonials

Lemons Studio did an amazing job ”

Lemons Studio did an amazing job while making multiple videos to visualize the 1inch Network protocols and innovations announcements.

I believe that all delivered materials are so top notch because the team is capable of understanding all the specific technological abstractions of the DeFi (decentralized finance) world – and that is quite a unique talent for the content production market!

Anton Bukov
We really enjoyed working with you!  ”

We really enjoyed working with you! We were in need of the fast result at that moment as we had time pressure due to the upcoming event, but as a high standard company we were not ready to compromise the quality.

And it was great to meet you at that exact moment! Because you were very open to new ideas and projects, communicated clearly the conditions you work at as well as possible options, stayed up late at night respecting our timelines and delivered a high quality video to the exact minute we discussed.

Alevtina Yakovenko
BD & Marketing
Working with lemons studio was a smooth process! ”

Working with lemons studio was a smooth process! They ask questions straight to the point and the communication is spot on. And of course the video that came out was great knowing that the timeframe and budget were limited.

It was a pleasure to work with Lemons! ”

It was a pleasure to work with Lemons - they understood our needs very well and processed the script we were planning into a wonderful explainer in a short amount of time. If the community's impressions are any indication, the videos were a home run! Will definitely collab again!"

Bruno Škvorc

Animation Process



We help you visualize and develop a creative concept depending on your budget and set time frame. Choosing from a variety of styles, our team ensures that the end result fits your brand guidelines and potentially increases sales.


The first and most critical step in a 2D animation production process is writing the script. Whether you have your own script or require professional script writing from scratch, Lemons Studio is here to help.


Our 2D team knows how to craft compelling storyboards, whether it’s digital or hand-drawn. We’ll provide you with a sketch that organizes the plot, timing, as well as transitions of each scene, and present it to you for approval before the production phase begins.


At this 2D animation process stage, our visual team frames the slide show and establishes a seamless and vibrant combination of audio and moving images. The animatic process combines all the shots, images, or sketches, allowing you to take a glimpse of the final animation.


We build a number of keyframes in accordance with your brand requirements and based on your brief so you can see exactly what the end static design will look like.



Using the design concepts from the previous stages, our artists begin to prepare illustrations to animation: characters, environment, props, and other necessary things.


Using keyframes, this is the stage where we bring the visuals to life while creating the perfect 2D motion graphics and dynamic animation for your project.


We render layers into a high-resolution image to create your video edits. Before sending the project to the client, we check the video one more time to obtain a perfect color grade, add the final touches, and enhance the video.


Sound effects are then added to the video to make it more appealing and help you convey specific emotions to the audience. The music sets the tone of the video, complements it, as well as the small sounds that depict what is happening in the video. Voiceover tells the story, enhancing the video


At the last stage, we share the final 2D video online to get some team reviews and feedback.

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