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RMRK is a set of standards on the Kusama blockchain which compose five NFT legos that give NFTs infinite extensibility without the need for smart contracts. Putting these legos together allows a user to create NFT systems of arbitrary complexity. These NFTs are eternally liquid, forward-compatible with as yet unannounced projects and seamlessly portable to any connected parachain.

Project overview and features

The company needed the video to make the RMRK protocol more prominent and attract new users. To explain the essence of community-governed virtual real estate management, the client asked to include the following features in the video:

  • there is a metaverse that is divided into plots of land, each of which is an NFT that can contain other NFTs;
  • Bob buys a plot of land, then he buys a billboard on the NFT marketplace, like;
  • targeting the billboard, Bob sends the EQUIP command to the Land NFT, after which the billboard becomes visible in the metaverse;
  • Bob splits the billboard into tokens and gives them to the metaverse community so that each of them owns a piece of it;
  • the metaverse becomes popular and attracts corporations that decide to create their own NFTs, which are textures for this billboard;
  • they send the NFTs to the billboard, and the community decides which NFT texture is the best;
  • the collectively chosen NFT texture is displayed on the billboard.

Client’s goals and requirements

  • give the RMRK protocol some exposure and appeal
  • create a clearly understandable explainer
  • deliver a great user journey and experience
  • get more traffic from social networks by using a visual source
  • attract target audience and encourage them to visit the website
  • increase user’s time on the website
  • improve website’s conversion rates
  • make the video with an exciting, inspiring, cyber atmosphere
  • keep pixel art style

Business objectives and current industry issues

The main goal was to create the ‘living’ metaverse that the community can relate with. We focused on setting up the right expectations for early adopters, shedding light on the prospects of the project and evoking anticipation.

To show the scale of the product and fully immerse the viewer in the metaverse, we suggested using an isometric projection in the video. The suggestion was accepted by the client and worked with a bang!

Work done

For this project, we have done a large scope of work: from studying our client's business and setting goals to detailed drawing of the frames and exact imitation of the stylistics of the metaverse.

Throughout the project, we faced several challenges that improved our expertise.

Our challenges:

  • At the scriptwriting stage, it turned out that the script exceeded the initially planned 60 sec. So we proposed to increase the duration of the video up to 90 sec and adjusted the delivery schedule.
  • Lemons’ art direction faced the challenge of finding the right artistic touch for the metaverse and achieving the right cyber and retrowave feel. So the team ran multiple internal iterations to find the right balance.
  • For this project we used voxel animation, which is quite laborious and time-consuming. Nevertheless, our animators coped with this task perfectly and on time.

The result was definitely worth it!

User roles

A team of 9 professionals worked on the project:

  • Creative Strategist conducted an initial consultation, identified the key points of the project and offered the client the best options to achieve the goals.
  • Producer managed in-house resources and controlled all elements of pre-production, production and post-production.
  • Project Manager mapped out and managed all stages of the project delivery.
  • Art Director combined the client's vision and the project’s identity into appealing visuals, set the stylistic direction and storyline vibe.
  • Scriptwriter worked out the conceptual part of the storyline and the voice-over text so that it perfectly matched the on-screen action.
  • Illustrator developed a detailed visual composition for each frame and appropriate visual language.
  • 2 Animators worked on achieving game physics via motion.
  • Sound Designer aligned the music track and the voice-over recording with the animation dynamics and worked on the sound effects in the video to enhance its impact.

Technology stack

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor and design program that is used to create and edit various digital images.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a software application that enables to work with animated graphics, create visual effects, edit video.

Solution and outcomes

>50k views on YouTube
The client decided to build their own metaverse based on our concepts

Client review

It was a pleasure to work with Lemons - they understood our needs very well and processed the script we were planning into a wonderful explainer in a short amount of time. If the community's impressions are any indication, the videos were a home run! Will definitely collab again!

Bruno Škvorc
Founder of RMRK.APP

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