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Company description

1inch is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) founded in 2019.1inch collects and aggregates token prices across various exchanges to find the best deals for customers.In this way, 1inch gives people access to the most liquidity, fastest swaps and best exchange rates across Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.During their 2 years of existence 1inch reached $31Bln trade volume and created #1 DeFi aggregator in the world

Project overview and features

The founders of 1inch Anton and Sergej requested to make an explainer video about the service to promote the project to a wide audience around the world. After the completion of the 1st video, we got a request to create additional videos to announce new updates and features (iOS Wallet, Moonswap, etc.)

Client’s goals and requirements

  • Make the 1inch concept easy to understand
  • Get more users who will make the 1st swap
  • Get more twitter followers
  • Short form and great style to get more retweets
  • Align the style with brand guideline
  • Keep a minimalist style

Business objectives and current industry issues

  • Duration and location. Twitter has become a haven for crypto projects and helps them organically increase engagement and attract new clients. The client requested to make a video mainly for this social network. That is why we made the 1st video in the 60 sec limit.
  • Style. Our art director has chosen a minimalist style with no characters to focus the viewer's attention on very simple shapes.
  • Color decision. 1inch has a black color palette. But we decided to step back from dark colors and make the video more colorful in order to be closer to the mass market.

Work done

  • Communication. For good communication, we adapted to the founders' busy schedule and were very flexible.
  • Technical issues. We reserved 2 days for fixes, which helped us complete all fixes and finish the project on time.
  • Creative issues. We tested 5 different video color schemes and chose the one that attracts the most attention.
  • Business problem solving. We made a very dynamic video to grab attention and included a CTA at the end of the video.


The video introduces the revolutionary aggregation platform to DeFi market, clearly explains how it works and highlights its benefits with simple, but stylish 2D motion graphics.


Sleek and classy 2D explainer video to introduce the new features of the 1inch exchange's version 2 (Pathfinder, gas cost optimization, partial fill) and its updated UI, ensuring 1inch users receive the best rates on the DEX market.

1inch Wallet

Introducing the wallet for crypto currencies exchange by 1inch in the form of volumetric 2D video with 3D elements and slight 80s vibe.

1inch token

Cheerful and intriguing anniversary video that celebrates the future of decentralized finance. Announcing the 1inch token release together with a bunch of brand-new features, benefits and rewards for 1inch users.


Minimalistic 2D video that familiarizes DeFi users with an AMM designed by 1inch. Mooniswap allows liquidity providers to collect more profit from each price slippage and therefore increase their earnings

User roles

8 people animation team, including:

  • Creative Strategist. Identifies the client’s goals and offers the best solution in terms of time and placement of the video.
  • Producer. Aligns client’s requests with in-house capabilities and tracks delivery time.
  • Art director. Finds the best style solution that meets the goals of the video, creates a storyboard sketch, controls all creative processes.
  • Scriptwriter. A person who understands the blockchain mechanics and can explain the concept in a very simple and fast way.
  • Illustrator. Creates minimalist graphics.
  • 2 animators. Animate video with excellent physics.
  • Sound designer. Chooses music and creates sounds for all the actions in the video.

Technology stack

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor and design program that is used to create and edit various digital images.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a software application that enables to work with animated graphics, create visual effects, edit video. is a collaboration platform that allows to quickly discuss the work done and make changes to your video project.


Boords is software that makes it easy for video marketing teams to assemble, amend, and deliver storyboards for a project.

Solution and outcomes

>30k organic views, 230 reports, +19K followers
Lemons' team enjoyed working with the 1inch Team and created an awesome video that went viral and was boosted by a super-strong community.

Client review

Lemons Studio did an amazing job while making multiple videos to visualize the 1inch Network protocols and innovations announcements. I believe that all delivered materials are so top notch because the team is capable of understanding all the specific technological abstractions of the DeFi (decentralized finance) world – and that is quite a unique talent for the content production market!

Anton Bukov
Co-founder 1inch

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