Explainer Video for Inqubi NFT Pets

Company description

inQubi is a unique NFT collection of virtual pets that come to life with the Companion App. The app gives users the opportunity to play and adventure with smart and lovable creatures seeking food, shelter, and love. inQubi virtual pets are designed to bring happiness, joy, and fun day and night, whether you are unable to care for a physical pet due to lack of space and time or allergies, or just want to expand your pet family with a digital addition.

Project overview and features

inQubi approached Lemons to create a promotional video to showcase their products, which included the NFT collection and the Companion App, and to communicate the company’s mission — to introduce the world to digital pets and find them homes.

Client’s goals and requirements

  • raise awareness of inQubi
  • reach the target audience (NFT collectors, gamers, tech geeks)
  • attract potential investors
  • inspire users to  join the inQubi community and purchase an NFT
  • showcase the NFT art and the Companion App with its features
  • explain how inQubi NFTs work

Business objectives and current industry issues

Unlike other NFTs on the market that can simply be used as avatars or other digital products, inQubi is a gamified experience that comes to life and can be interacted with. It was one of the particular features of the product inQubi wanted to emphasize. The video was originally planned to be 40-60 seconds long. But to have enough time to explain the unique selling point and dive viewers into the inQubi universe, we decided to increase the duration to 80 seconds.

It was crucial to keep the overall mood calm and cool to match the brand. Nothing too loud and proud. The art style had to be soft, with rounded edges and bright color tones, to highlight the cuteness and softness of the digital pets.

Work done

The first step was to write a script to agree with the client on the project’s vision. Once the client approved the script, we planned the project and set milestones and deadlines. Our team experimented with visuals by immersing 3D pets in a live setting. However, after several iterations, it was decided to opt for a 3D environment, which allowed us to achieve a soft and fuzzy atmosphere.

Putting together all the video production parts (script, 2D and 3D graphics, music, voice-over, etc.), we got a visually stunning promo video with adorable virtual pets and a captivating narrative

User roles

  • Creative Strategist organized communication with the client and developed a strategy to achieve the project’s objectives.
  • Project Manager oversaw the planning, execution, and closing of a project.
  • Art Director was responsible for overseeing the visual aspects of the project and setting the overall creative direction.
  • Scriptwriter created the script and developed the narrative for the video.
  • Illustrator designed visual representations of the project.
  • 3D Generalist and 3D Animators brought static objects and characters to life through movement.
  • 2D Motion Designer developed the entire 2D part of the video and made a montage.

Technology stack

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor and design program that is used to create and edit various digital images.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a software application that enables to work with animated graphics, create visual effects, edit video.

Unreal Engine

The 3D computer graphics game engine, developed by Epic Games. Developers gain the capability to construct simulations, edit videos or audio, and render animations using this powerful tool

Technology stack

As NFT enthusiasts and animal lovers, we were thrilled to work with inQubi and create a video for their awesome gamified digital pet collection. We look forward to collaborating on new animation projects in the future!

Client review

"It was a pleasure to work with Lemons - they understood our needs very well and processed the script we were planning into a wonderful explainer in a short amount of time. If the community's impressions are any indication, the videos were a home run! Will definitely collab again!"

Bruno Škvorc
Founder of RMRK.APP

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