How Will Video Help SEO Ranking

How Will Video Help SEO Ranking

Vlad Davidovich
Creative Animation Strategist

It's hard to imagine a time in recent history when the internet hasn't played a key role in our daily life. Today, over 4.9 billion people use the internet worldwide, out of which 244.4 billion are video watchers. 

The number continues to grow every year, making video content a gold mine. But to capture viewers, you need to create a distinct SEO strategy.

To help you out, we've created a comprehensive guide to video marketing and techniques you can follow to rank videos with Google:

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of improving your website ranking. It plays a critical role in improving your site's visibility, attracting traffic, and growing a following.

Search engines, including Google and Bing and others, use crawlers on web pages that jump from site to site to collect information about various pages. Then, the data is added to an extensive index to help customers find what they're seeking.

After that, algorithms analyze pages in the index, using various ranking factors and signals to determine the ranking of the pages in the search results.

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO refers to making technical and creative adjustments to your video distribution to captivate audiences and boost traffic to their video content.

Since search engines view videos as a media element, the page where you add a video is referred to as a 'video page.'

As a result, you can benefit from different behavior in search result pages, including the ability to rank in vertical search for the video or with a video-rich snippet.

Top Twenty, 'So Does Video Help with SEO These Days?'

You're likely skeptical about how video helps SEO.

But here's the thing: if you add relevant, keyword-rich content into videos, Google will rank you higher than your competitors by recognizing the value you provide to viewers.

Hence, it's clear that video content is a powerful SEO tool for marketers looking to expand, particularly since 87% of marketers reveal video has increased traffic to their website.

Now, let's dive into the top twenty video marketing SEO tips to captivate prospects and grow your audience:

Videos Help Organic Visibility

Your ability to enrapture and engage visitors is crucial to the growth and success of your company. Eye-catching and informative videos are excellent for tapping into a diverse audience and getting noticed.

Moreover, videos play a critical role in Google's organic search. So, placing your video thumbnail on your website will always translate to more clicks, better engagement, and higher visibility. A custom video lets your consumers comprehend your message quickly and easily.

Thus, attaching an attention-grabbing video with a compelling copy helps you widen the scope of possible messages your audience receives.

Videos are all Over the Search Result Pages

Google's algorithm loves video content because that's what viewers want when they search. According to insightful research, 96% of consumers watch explainer videos to understand a service or product.

So, your goal should be to answer your customers' questions and pain points. It is especially essential for business owners selling goods or services online since buyers today prefer learning more before committing their money.

Thus, creating a keyword-rich, informative, and attention-grabbing video where you speak directly and honestly is an excellent way of resonating with your audience.

A good video SEO practice is to add a keyword or phrase like 'how to,' 'best practices,' or 'new product releases,' which helps captivate customers.

Effectiveness of Videos

Videos are among the most effective SEO services and an incredible way of conveying messages for all kinds of stories and situations.

According to research by Eyeviewdigital, adding a video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Thus, you're more likely to grab a viewer's interest if you add a video on these pages.

Moreover, with 96% of consumers increasing their online video consumption and 54% wanting more video content from their favorite brands, it makes sense to include videos in your marketing strategy.

Brand Familiarity Builds Clicks and Conversions over Time

Branding your video thumbnails is a practical way of increasing brand visibility and recognizability.

Fostering brand familiarity can help improve click-through rate and conversion because it makes your audience trust your website.

Use Videos on Your Website

Go beyond creating videos on YouTube and Instagram and start publishing on your website. Make sure that the placement makes sense and complements your copy.

A product or an explainer video is an incredible asset for your eCommerce platform or website since they give customers the confidence necessary to purchase.

Testimonial videos are another powerful tool for your website because they boost brand trust.

Give Your Video Some Context

Uploading videos on an otherwise blank page won't help you captivate customers. So, remember to embed your video where it fits and surround it with relevant content.

It's also wise to integrate a transcript of your video to turn visual graphics into downloadable JPEGs.

Moreover, add context and a meta description to allow Google to understand better how your video fits into the content-on page.

Don't Forget the Technical Details

Publishing your video on a website like YouTube or Vimeo is the start of your video marketing strategy.

If you want to be successful, you must enter the correct information on the backend to enable search engine crawlers to better rank your video. 

YouTube uses the following information to determine your ranking:

·     Keywords in Description Tag

·     Title Tag Information

·     Audience Retention

·     Tags

·     Video Length

·     Comments

·     Number of Subscribers after Watching

·     Likes and Dislikes


Google Cares About Videos, Which Means You Need to Care About It Too

The primary way that video content helps you improve your SEO is via Google's internal algorithm, which generates search engine result pages.

When creating a video, you must remember that Google values the quality of your content and its relevance to the customer.

To determine this, Google doesn't go through the text on a particular page but also scans other types of media to identify the value of your offer.

Thus, if your website comprises a mixture of text with quality visuals like videos, Google recognizes your page as valuable and gives it a boost in search engine results.

A Video is a Traffic-Generating Machine

Another factor that Google focuses on when determining your search engine ranking is the traffic you receive.

If your website experiences a massive amount of regular visitors, they're likely coming for a reason. Consequently, viewers conducting similar searches will also find your content helpful. 

Users are also more likely to visit your website by clicking on a video on YouTube or other social media platforms. That's why B2B and B2C businesses have started launching video websites and investing in video content.

Thus, publishing high-quality videos on your website can drive organic traffic to your page, boosting your SEO.

Video Keeps People on Your Site Longer

When creating your video SEO strategy, you must remember that search engines like Google and Bing pay close attention to how long a viewer engages with your website.

For instance, if many users click on your website, but leave within seconds, your bounce rate increases, and Google lowers your ranking.

On the other hand, Publishing videos will keep users on your page for more extended periods. Moreover, research shows that video helped 83% of video marketers increase visitors' average time on their page.

The fact is that people are more likely to watch a video than read a copy, even if they provide the same information. Thus, by relying on video to increase viewers' time on your website, you can reduce bounce rates and enjoy better rankings.

People Are More Likely to Link to Your Videos

Ever wonder why some posts garner a lot of attention, shares, likes, and comments while others don't?

According to The New York Times, people tend to share posts to improve the lives of others, promote content that reflects their identity, and foster relationships.

By creating videos that fulfill the above criteria, your target audience will engage with your content and share it with others.

As a result, search engine crawlers will recognize your content as valuable and boost your ranking.

Videos Help Improve the Value of Your SEO

Your ranking on Google will be useless if you can't take your relationship with your viewers one step further. Luckily, video content can help you convert customers too!

According to research, buyers are two times more likely to purchase a product or service after viewing a relevant video. So, videos help improve your website ranking and encourage people to make a purchase. Thus, video boosts your SEO's ROI at all stages.

Win Backlinks

Backlinks are integral for the success of your video SEO strategy, especially since Google recognizes promoting someone else's content as an essential ranking factor. Moreover, backlinks are among the most critical elements for your website's positioning.

Thus, to achieve your conversion, engagement, and sale goals, you must combine backlinks with high-quality content.

Better UX

We've already discussed that videos encourage viewers to engage with your website.

More important is that search engines recognize good content based on how much time viewers spend on your page.

If you notice a lot of incoming traffic, but everyone leaves within a few seconds, Google will assume that your content isn't valuable.

Focusing on improving the UX of your website and generating quality content is an excellent way of retaining your audience's attention.

Increase Conversions

Displaying an informative and fun video on your site or through rich snippets is an excellent yet straightforward way of increasing conversions.

The videos you include on your website should be exciting and engaging, be it a product video or an explainer one.

Studies show that the average person will likely watch 100 minutes of videos per day. Thus, adding a video to your page increases the likelihood of attracting customers.

Moreover, 57% of customers believe that product videos give them the confidence to make a purchase.

You can also benefit from video-rich snippets that help you stand out from your competitors, attract more clicks, and boost traffic.


Using Video with Transcripts

Transcribing your videos is another excellent way of boosting your video's SEO. Transcripts include the text within your video's closed captions. They also appear in the comments below your video. 

Since your video revolves around a topic you've researched and includes keywords, your transcript should consist of that.

Doing so provides you with the following benefits:

·     Google's bots crawl your transcript for SEO ranking

·     It makes your video content diverse and inclusive for people who have hearing difficulties

Thus, by including a transcript in your video description, you can add time markers in your video, so viewers can quickly find answers to their queries.

Ease of Use

Small businesses often face challenges when it comes to leveraging video and SEO. According to research by LSA, 47% of small businesses lack the budget to generate high-quality videos, whereas 45% of users lack in-house expertise. 

Luckily, technology makes video production more accessible and straightforward by overcoming those obstacles. The price of online video production is decreasing because of the technology required to shoot, edit, and distribute.

An excellent example of this is Dollar Shave Club's low-cost video that went viral. It garnered over 12,000 orders within 48 hours and cost $4,500. Today, the video has more than 20 million views!

Adding Video Tutorials

Engaging and attracting users becomes challenging when your posts contain only text. Therefore, adding video tutorials makes it easier to grab the visitors' attention while convincing them to revisit the website. Unique videos are an excellent way to attract and gain attention.

Since videos have become a part of Google organic search, placing them in the web directory will boost visibility and increase clicks. Videos are easy to comprehend and digest. Most of the time, when a brand tries to convey a message through text, the users do not learn it well. However, it becomes easier to understand and relate to when they share the same message through custom videos.

Video Content is short

You can easily explain information that may take several pages within a few minutes through videos. Videos can easily convey long messages and valuable information in a short time. Moreover, through videos, one can provide vital points to engage the visitors.

Videos are easier to remember than text. Unlike long-text, videos do not have any dull moments. Concise videos engage users and convince them to watch the complete content. Moreover, brief videos are great for SEO because they persuade the visitors to stay longer on a particular website.

Therefore, providing them with concise videos is essential if you wish to engage your audience. People mostly use their smartphones to watch short videos because it allows them to watch full videos while traveling or during tea breaks. It is crucial to remember that the audience shows interest in less than five minutes videos.

Videos Tell Stories

PowerPoint presentations also have valuable information like videos. However, they are not as popular as videos. The reason is that packing information is not enough to keep your visitors engaged. Videos deliver facts in a story form. Combining the two elements keeps them engaged and interested in the context provided.

When businesses use stories to convey their messages, the users will retain them for longer. Moreover, videos that narrate stories are more effective because they trigger reactions from the emotion-related part of the brain. Therefore, emotion invariably wins when there is a battle between emotion and logic. It is true in business and purchasing decisions also.

Video SEO in Three Steps

Here are the three steps of video search engine optimization.

Get Your Videos Indexed

Unfortunately, most search engines cannot discover embedded videos on websites and understand the relevant information. Therefore, marketers have to put extra effort into helping search engines index videos. Marketers have to provide supporting metadata to search engine crawlers. Moreover, to index your videos, search engines must discover:

·     Video's title

·     Video's description

·     Video's time length

·     Video's upload date

·     Video’s location file

·     Video's thumbnail image

How can you provide this information?

There are multiple ways of providing the needed information. Marketers can give a video XML sitemap that provides all the details about the videos present on the website. You can submit information through Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools or include it as a sitemap link. The process may seem complex, but there are multiple tools to help you submit the required information.

How to check an indexed video?

You can check an indexed video by adding your URL to If the page appears, then Google has successfully indexed your video. Moreover, if you face any issues, you can go to Google Rich Results Tester to identify the problem.

Improve Your Videos Ranking

Once search engines index your videos, you need to rank them better for better results. You can do this by using different tools.

Video title

One of the most effective ways to improve your ranking is adding suitable titles to your videos. Adding titles increases clicks. Moreover, comparing the click rates of similar videos with different titles provides you insights into the title structure to help you identify the best titles for your content.

Video thumbnail

A video thumbnail is more important than adding a video title. It has the power to attract people and help you stand out in the crowd.

The video description

Adding Meta descriptions to your video helps search engines find your videos while answering related queries. YouTube tags or Hashtags can help optimize your video. Therefore, adding a description is vital for optimizing your video in search results.

The video length

Although there is no specific length for videos in search results, keeping the size matched with the query is essential. Videos that promote services and products must be under two minutes. Answering queries through videos should be no longer than five minutes. Moreover, podcasts and lecture series should not exceed twenty minutes.

The upload date

The upload date plays a significant role for some topics, especially when answering queries related to updates about a service or product. Therefore, regularly updating videos can help search engines find your videos for related questions.


Including accurate captions with the videos can help you improve your ranking in search engines. It is a straightforward way of increasing relevance to topics on which your video appears. Moreover, it tells the crawlers about the content present in your video.

Measure Traffic to Your Videos from Search

Another crucial part of video search engine optimization is measuring the traffic to your videos. Google Search Console is an excellent tool for measuring results. Moreover, you can track the traffic generation and calculate optimization's impact.

Examples of Video and SEO Success

Following are examples of video and SEO success. created a video that became viral in a short time. The footage made many backlinks and became well known among the audience. The footage raised brand awareness and generated backlinks, essential elements of SEO and marketing.

The video is funny and has entertaining content. It targeted a specific audience. Within hours of its release, the video gained the attention of thousands of viewers and attracted a large number of links because people kept writing about it.

Moz Whiteboard

Videos do not have to be funny to grab viewers' attention. Sometimes, posting educational and informative content manages to attract viewers. A great example of this is Moz Whiteboard. Every Friday, Moz publishes a whiteboard-style video. Since they post these videos regularly, they have become famous for the 'Whiteboard Friday' videos.

These videos attract SEO and increase the number of embeds, links, and social shares, thus increasing web traffic.

What is the Future of Video Marketing?

Since the popularity of videos is increasing, they will stay for long. Therefore, marketers must focus on launching their video marketing campaigns to attract potential users. Videos will evolve with time and become more interactive in the future.

Short videos attract more visitors. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to the time length of the videos to engage the targeted audience. You can keep long-form videos for people closer to your sales funnel. However, you must focus on posting short videos that grab their attention and increase clicks for casual viewers.

YouTube is the right platform to post your videos. Since it is the most popular platform, one cannot imagine its uncommonness in the future. However, we can expect more platforms to emerge in the future, similar to TikTok, which has become another successful platform.

If your business can adjust to the changing trends, nothing can stop your brand from succeeding.

How to Find the Best Video Marketing Company

Consider the following before looking for the best video marketing company.


Portfolios of companies give you an idea of what to expect from them. Check their projects to see if their services are beneficial for your business.

Expert consultation

You must consult with experts while discussing your requirements.

Range of services

Make sure you choose the company that offers multiple video production services.

Choosing the best video marketing company can alter your digital marketing campaign impressively.


Since digital technology has taken over everything, videos are becoming popular. Marketers focus on tools that can help them optimize their videos to generate traffic and improve SEO rankings. It is crucial to remember that one can quickly achieve it by posting high-quality content. When users improve their experience, you will gain their trust and convince them to return.

Consequently, you will increase web traffic and credibility and generate backlinks crucial to improving search engine ranking. 

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