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Lemons is a video production company specialized in creating animated videos. When we launched Lemons in 2014, we wanted to build a home for creative people who would come up with original ideas. And here we are!

For each project, we use an individual approach so that the final product makes people fall in love with it and achieves all business goals.

Lemons is a creative assistant focused on impressing viewers and explaining complex things with colorful videos.

Our Mission:

To create extraordinary video content that helps businesses shine and evoke emotions in viewers.

Our core values:


We are always on the move to get better and better


We actively follow the innovations and apply them in our work


Unforeseen things don't scare us, since we know when to shift gears

Human connection

Our team is our family, and we appreciate each member of it


We care about our clients, as we consider them part of the team


We love what we do and strive to become the best professionals

lemons team

Andrew Kozik

Founder of Lemons

Vlad Davidovich

Creative Animation Strategist

Alina Prilskaya

Creative Animation Strategist

Victor Pashchenko

Art Director

Vlad Gindin

Founder of Lemons, Creative Animation Strategist

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we are Award winning animation studio est. 2014

Andrew Kozik and Vlad Gindin founded Lemons (ex Lemon Digital) in 2013 after graduation from the University. In 2019 the company is represented by 18 professionals. With clients: Google, Unicef, Voxbone, AppsFlyer, Band App, XYO Network, EnjinCoin, Rubicon project, Fiverr.

Our team covers full cycle of 2d, 3d, frame by frame animation production. We are ready for your next animation project.

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No. Not all our clients are big names. But, they all get the same treatment.

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